Calvin and Hobbes Inspired Lifestyle Newborn Session


Sweet little Calvin Gunnar Farris came into the world on Wednesday, November 28th making his parents, Brad and Amanda, two of the happiest individuals in the whole world. A perfect bundle of joy, he instantly became the apple of his parents eye and the little brother to a very precious sister, Zelda. The Farris newborn sesh was an instant fave from the very start. The nursery was themed in Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip. Commonly referred to as “the last great newspaper comic”, Calvin and Hobbes has enjoyed long standing popularity and is a favorite of Calvin’s parents. So much thought and detail went into decorating his nursery. From the Hobbes tiger made by his aunt to the artwork that decorated the walls, careful attention was paid to the creativity of the space he would call his.

I enjoyed shooting with the trio so much. The love in the room was palpable from the moment I entered it. Brad and Amanda literally glowed, and it was so inspiring. Capturing these precious, fleeting moments in their lives is an honor I will always be grateful for. Image after image, I fell in love with what I was seeing behind the lens of my camera, and of course, had to show Brad and Amanda every 30 seconds what I was seeing. They were all smiles and cheerful humor as we worked together. It is a blessing to know them for sure!

Amanda and Brad, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to work with you and baby Calvin! He’s a mighty fierce little dude, and only gets cuter and cuter as I watch him grow. I absolutely loved working with you guys, and hope to see you again very soon. Your newborn sesh is one I will always cherish. Big hugs, Shea

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